Thursday, February 6, 2020

Risk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Risk - Essay Example The action taken dispels negativity, creating enhanced cohesion and saving the group. Goleman & Boyatzis (2013) contribute that a self-managed team is a team that learns and manages itself through collective responsibility in managing the group. Every member of the group raises questions about the methods and procedures adopted to steer the group to a common preconceived direction. Members share the vision and take charge of all activities including reprimanding other members to stick to the group norms in case of deviation. In self-managed groups, new ideas are protected by members and negative criticisms avoided encouraging the innovativeness, continuous creativity and happiness among all members. In such a team, there is enhanced creativity and continual reinforcement of resonance. Empathetic team is one, which all the group associates are cognizant of the other team affiliate’s emotions. Members of the team put themselves in the shoes of their fellow team mates and thinking beyond own concerns. Selfishness is not experienced at all in such teams because members think in favor of one another and concentrate on building relationships through socializing with teammates. Members work hand in hand and involve extensive consultation in all undertakings with no limits irrespective of social or educational levels held. According to Perkins (2000), it is appropriate to take risks after analysis of the specifics of the prospective risk. Analysis of the risk helps in the creation of awareness and putting a fallback strategy in place in case the risk actualizes. When the risk involved is a long-term possibility with the effects not likely to cause huge losses, it is worth taking the risk. After reviewing the worst-case scenario collectively and assessment is made to conclude that the risk makes sense. Contrarily if it does not make

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